About Me


“To preform every action artfully is yoga”

-Swami Kripalvananda

When Lamise first started practicing yoga several years ago, it was just a new way to exercise. It was physically and mentally challenging, and left her sore in muscles she didn’t know existed. It wasn’t the physicality though, that kept Lamise coming back to the practice. It was that feeling of being at peace with everything around her.

Lamise found the light of yoga at a time when things seemed dark. Years of battling with body issues had left her body and mind in a state of destruction.

“Through my yoga practice, I was able to learn how to love myself again.”

Lamise’s unique style of teaching is compassionate yet challenging, creative yet mindful of the safety and comfort of her students. She┬áinspires her students to take their yoga off of the mat and into their everyday lives, to find peace in any given situation.

Lamise is registered through Yoga Alliance with 300+ hours of trainings and certificates. She teaches studio classes in the Greater Houston area and is also available for private lessons, group privates, corporate yoga, and workshops worldwide. To book an appointment or for an inquiries, visit the Contact/Services page and send us a message!

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